Students who want to study in Canada must apply for a student visa through the recently implemented SDS programme. For Indian students, the Student Direct Stream (SDS) system has replaced the previous SPP system. The process for obtaining student visas has been improved. The SDS will give students more options for courses and colleges.

The SDS visa programme covers all colleges and universities in Canada that have registered DLI numbers for their institutions. Applications submitted by students under SDS will receive priority processing, increasing the likelihood that they will be granted a visa.

Why should I study in Canada?

  • Second-largest nation on earth.

  • The hourly minimum salary is 15 CAD

  • Affordable education of high calibre.

  • Since Canada is a bilingual nation, academic programmes are available in either English or French.

  • About 80% of Canadians reside close to the United States' border because Canada and the US share a land border.

  • a welcoming environment and a multi-cultural society.

  • Safe and healthy surroundings

  • a place of opportunity.

Programming Resources

Students in Canada have access to a wide range of educational possibilities. There are undergraduate programmes, graduate programmes, diploma & certificate programmes, and postgraduate programmes available.